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The Ultimate Wolf Shifter Book Bundle -- Ebook + Audio

The Ultimate Wolf Shifter Book Bundle -- Ebook + Audio

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Three series in Ebook and Audio

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Get 10 E-books + 10 Audiobooks featuring WOLF SHIFTERS set in the Rite World for 50% Off !!

Plus, Get 1 Bonus Novella Featuring Side Characters From The Rite World!

Over 200,000 downloads and 1800+ 5-Stars reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!


    “Who says I want to break the mating bond?”

    She stared at me, her eyes wide. “Why wouldn’t you? You hate me.”

    Dear moon …

    In a flash, I splayed one hand on Raika’s lower back, pulling her to me, gripped behind her neck with my other hand, and closed my mouth around hers.

    At first, Raika froze, but when I moved my lips across hers, she whimpered and moved with me. She even parted her lips, letting me slip my tongue inside.

    By the moon … her soft lips, her delicious taste, her intoxicating scent, and her tight body pressed against mine.

    It was too much and still not enough.

    Deepening the kiss, I spun us around and pressed Raika’s back against a tall bookshelf.

    She whimpered again as her hands snaked up and hooked around my shoulders. Her nails dug into my skin and it was pure pain mixed with pleasure.

    It was perfection.

    I had imagined kissing Raika thousands of times, but none had been this good, this amazing. Her body molded into mine, and her lips seemed to have been made to fit mine.

    She was my mate.

    She was mine.

    My body came alive at the thought. Desire flooded every inch of my veins and my pants were suddenly tight.

    I broke the kiss, dragged my lips across her cheek at the same time that I slid my hands down her back and around her hips, holding her tight against me so she could feel how much I wanted her.

    I whispered in her ear, “Do you still think I hate you? That I want to break the bond?”


    Main Tropes:

    • Fated Mates
    • Enemies-to-lovers
    • Forced Proximity
    • Second chance
    • Forbidden Love
    • Tortured Hero
    • Touch her and die
    • Wolf Shifters, Vampires, Witches, Fae and more!


    What Readers Are Saying:

    ★★★★★ "OMG I am obsessed, so many plot twists and keeps you on edge, I highly recommend this book. It’s AMAZING!" 

    ★★★★★ "Outstanding! I flew through this book and the end was like OMG!!!!! Best book ever. Read this now!!!”    

    ★★★★★ "This was an excellent book. The writing was great and flows well. I also enjoyed that this seemed to be different than the regular werewolf story."

    ★★★★★ "With lots of action, twisted plot and unexpected turns, this amazing installment will enthrall you from start to finish!!!"


    Books Included in the Bundle:

    • The Night Calling: I’ve fallen for the alpha’s son … and he left me to die.
    • The Night Burning: The only thing worse than being the pack’s omega is being mated to a cursed wolf.
    • The Night Hunting: I don’t have my memories, but I know in my heart, I seek revenge.
    • The Night Rising: I’ve gained the magic of a dragon… and soon, it’ll end my existence.
    • The Warlock Lord: A she-wolf who's been outcasted. A warlock with a dark destiny. And a journey that will unite them—or break them apart forever.
    • The Wolf Consort: A she-wolf on her last chance. A warlock betrayed. And a hidden society that may be their only hope…
    • The Crystal Rose: A she-wolf destined to become a shifter queen. A warlock who’s done playing fair. And a magical, dark path that unites their fates as one …
    • The Wolf Forsaken: A fae on the run. A wolf outcast without a cause. And a prince who will stop at nothing to get what he wants…
    • The Fae Bound: A princess turned reluctant queen. A wolf with nothing left to lose. And an empire that’s about to crumble…
    • The Blood Pact: A fae queen that’s tired of running. A wolf shifter looking to fight back. And a king that will bring the magical world to its knees.
    • BONUS BOOK: The Wild Wolf


    The Night Calling (Rite World: Night Wolves book 1): she was abandoned by her mate, left in the hands of a terrible half-demon … but now her mate is back and ready to claim her.

    The Warlock Lord (Rite World: Rite of the Warlock book 1): when alpha wolf Luana loses her crown, she enlists the help of former flame Keeran to take down her replacement. But warlock Keeran has a mission of his own … Can they help each other fulfill their destinies while battling their fiery chemistry?

    The Wolf Forsaken (Rite World: Rite of the Wolf book 1): a heart-wrenching tale, second chance romance about a lone wolf shifter and a fae princess promised to an evil fae prince.

    Excerpt from The Night Calling


    A shadow moved several feet behind the girl I was talking to and something in my gut tightened. I rose from the stool to take a better look. The shadow, now with more shape, weaved between the tables and stools, walking away.

    Long, wavy black hair, average height, slim but with the right amount of curves, especially under that tiny black dress. She glanced over her shoulder, to the VIP area upstairs, and I got a side profile of her face.

    Fair skin, high cheekbones, delicate nose …

    I stopped breathing.

    It couldn’t be. I had to be dreaming.

    A pull tugged deep inside my chest. My heart hammered against my rib cage, and I almost lost my shit when she disappeared from my sight.

    “Hm, what’s going on?” the brunette stepped in front of me.

    Shit, I had forgotten all about her.

    “Excuse me,” I said, but once again, she was already gone from my mind.

    I glanced around, desperately trying to find her.

    Because it was her. It had to be.

    Even though I knew she was dead.

    My mate.



    A force hit me so hard, my breath whooshed out of my chest. In one second, I was standing there, pondering about my ill future, and the next, I had my back against the wall, two hands on either side of my head, and a looming figure caging me in.

    I swallowed a yelp and died on the inside, sure it was Conri. He had found me and now I would be punished for my behavior.

    Then I stared at the face inches from mine.

    My breath caught.

    No, it couldn’t be.

    But it was.

    I hadn’t seen this face, this body, in almost a year, but there was no denying it. Dark brown hair cut short around a fierce face and sharp features. I had always thought his jaw and chin could cut stone. Smooth, olive skin, thick eyebrows and deep, chocolate-colored eyes that stared at me as if he was seeing a freaking ghost.


    The alpha’s son who had fled and left his pack to die.

    Minsi’s older brother.

    And my mate.



    The moment I found her standing by herself along the wall, watching the entrance, all thought fled from my head.

    I practically rammed into her, spinning her around and pressing her back against the wall. My hands splayed on either side of her head. I caged her in, because I was sure this was an illusion and I had to get to the bottom of this before it disappeared.

    Raika’s light blue eyes rounded. “Shane,” she whispered. My name on her lips was like a knife to the gut. By the moon, I fought my self-control, but I lost.

    I embraced her so damn tight. I pressed my nose to her neck and hair, inhaling deeply. Moon above, how I had missed her warm jasmine scent.

    Raika stood frozen in my arms, but then she brought her hands up and shoved hard against my chest.

    I let her go, but I didn’t step back. “Raika, I—“

    “Stop!” Her eyes turned fierce. “I don’t want to hear it. I don’t even want to know what you’ve been doing, you coward!”

    I frowned. “What?”

    “Return to whatever hole you were buried in and stay there.” She attempted to step away from me, but I wasn’t having it. I placed my hands on either side of her again. “Let me go!”

    “Never.” The words were out before I made sense of them.

    “What? You left us to die!”

    “Left you to die? What the hell are you talking about?”

    Raika scoffed and crossed her arms, pushing her breasts together and up. That tight dress, that low cleavage … I was having a hard time looking at her face.

    “You know what you did.”

    “Apparently, no, I don’t.”

    “Is this some kind of sick game?” Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears. “When the Nightmist witches attacked the pack with Conri and his gang, you fled. Conri killed your father and you didn’t even try to win the pack back. You put your tail between your legs and ran. Like a coward.”

    I stared at her, sure I hadn’t heard her right. “Wait. That wasn’t what happened. Conri used his alpha command.”

    She shook her head. “That night … it’s a jumble in my head. I don’t remember details.”

    That night had been pure terror and chaos. I doubt any of us did. “Regardless, that’s a lie. Who told you this?”

    “Lie? Here you are, aren’t you? Free, happy, dancing in a damn nightclub.”

    “So are you!”

    “I’m not here by choice, coward. I’m here because Conri wants me here. And—”

    I snarled. “Conri? You’re here with Conri?” Wait … He had killed everyone from our pack and kept my mate alive? Why? Was she his woman now?

    A ball of fury grew in my gut.

    “Didn’t you hear me?” Raika brought her arms up, and for the first time, I noticed the bracelets around her wrists. Only they weren’t bracelets … “It’s not my choice. I haven’t had a choice since you fled and left us behind.”

    Was he … was he forcing her to be with him? I touched the thin cuffs disguised as bracelets to match her outfit, and Raika promptly lowered her arms. I knew what those were. I had worn those same cuffs for six months. I hadn’t been able to turn into my wolf form with those. Even my strength, my healing, my hearing, and my sense of smell had been affected.

    It wouldn’t be different for her.

    If Conri wanted to, he could use those to bend her will.

    I clenched my teeth and breathed out slowly before I either punched the wall or went after that demon.

    But something else registered in my mind.

    Left us … “Do you mean other Nightshade wolves are alive?”

    “Why are you doing this? Pretending not to know anything? You think this is funny?”

    “Nothing about this is funny.” If only she knew how much my chest hurt right now at seeing her, at finding out she hadn’t died last year. By the moon, my fingers itched to touch her again. “Raika, you have to believe me, I didn’t know.”

    She shook her head. “You don’t need to come up with excuses, Shane. You don’t owe me anything. You made your choice. Your freedom, your happiness over your pack. Over your own sister and brother.”

    I stilled. “What did you say? My sister? My brother.”

    “Ah, now you care? Don’t worry, I’m taking care of them.”

    “Minsi and Tyren are alive?”

    “Oh my God, Shane, stop.” She pressed two fingers to her temple. “Here’s the deal: take a step back and let me go. I’ll pretend I never saw you here and you can go back to being oblivious to everything. You can continue to enjoy your freedom and not care about your pack, while I go back there and try to make everyone’s lives less miserable.” I didn’t understand. What had happened that night that our stories, our experiences, didn’t line up? “Besides, you never really cared about me. No need to start now.”

    All right, that one was on me.

    I let out a long sigh and ran a hand through my hair. Raika tried moving when my arm was gone, but I pressed my hand against the wall again, keeping her right in front of me. If it depended on me, she would never leave me again.

    I wished I had had the guts to do that a year ago when the mating bond snapped. Or even before that, when my soul and my heart called for her. Deep down, I had known she was my mate since I first laid eyes on her when were kids on her first day in school. I remembered how beautiful she was, how fierce and energetic. I had been ensnared into her web long ago and she had no idea.

    “That’s not true,” I started, ready to finally tell her everything from my perspective. “I—“

    “Shit.” Raika clasped my shoulders and pulled me to her. “Duck!” she yelled.

    I ducked. A whoosh swiped above my head. My instincts kicked in and I whirled, my wolf fangs showing.

    Three humans stood in front of me, their eyes pitch black. No, not humans. Demons. Conri’s lackeys.

    And they were here to take her.

    Over my dead body.

    Excerpt from The Warlock Lord

    “It’s okay,” I whispered. “We’ll figure this out together.”

    He rested his head on my shoulder and wound his arms around my waist, pulling my body tight against his. Every nerve of my body came to life, and when he inhaled deeply, his nose brushing against my skin, my heart thundered against my chest.

    Holy shit …

    His nose trailed up my neck, and his lips brushed across my jaw, sending a delicious shiver down my spine. “Tell me and I’ll stop,” he whispered, his lips right at my ear.

    Moon be damned, I should tell him to stop. I really should.

    But I was so far gone.

    I clutched my hands around his shoulders, locking him in place and turned my face to his. “Don’t stop,” I whispered back.

    Keeran pulled back an inch, his eyes searching mine. What was he looking for? Then he closed his eyes, pressing them tight, and shook his head. “I …”

    My temper rose again, but before I could get mad, it hit me. Oh, I knew what was going on. He had confessed before that every time he closed his eyes, he saw the witches who had abused of him. And now, when he thought he was finally ready to forget them, they came back to haunt him.

    I brought my hands up and cupped his face. “It’s okay,” I whispered. I stood on my tiptoes and planted a soft peck on his cheek. “It’s just me.” I pressed my lips to his other cheek. “You know me.” I touched my lips to the tip of his nose. “I’m right here.”

    Slowly, he opened his eyes, those endless chocolate pools locked on mine. I saw the shift in him, when he chose to push those painful memories aside and allow new, happier ones.

    A hint of a smile appeared on his lips. The next second, one of his hand cradled the nape of my neck and his mouth crushed mine. I gasped in surprise, but when I felt his warm lips moving against mine, I let it all go.

    I melted into him, into his kiss, into his strong arms, into his whole being. I had been kissed before, but not like this. Not like a mouth had been made to fit mine, not with this perfectly frantic rhythm, not with this heat rising inside me, threatening to burn me alive.

    Keeran pushed me back a few steps, until my back was pressed against the wall beside the window, my body happily trapped and glued to his. I savored his kiss, the tease of his tongue, the bite of his teeth, while I trailed my hands around his shoulders, down his chest, trying to explore his ripped muscles as much as could.

    If only he had no clothes on.

    I brought my hands lower and slipped them under this shirt, my nails scratching on the sides of his six-pack.

    Keeran hissed against my mouth before deepening the kiss, ripping a gasp from my lips. He grasped my hips and pressed his body against mine on all the right parts. I felt his erection against my lower belly and my throat went dry.

    By the moon …

    Pure heat spread through my body, too fast to process. I succumbed to it, and in my delirious state, I clutched his shoulders again, this time bringing myself up, and aligning myself with him. I moved my hips against his erection.

    Keeran let out a string of whispered curses before drawing his lips over my new scar. I stilled for a moment, suddenly self-conscious about the thing marring my skin. “So beautiful,” he whispered. “This doesn’t change anything. You’re still too beautiful to be true.”

    My heart skipped a beat, then sped up, beating so fast that I thought it would burst out of my chest. And just like, I forgot about the scar. And when he dragged his mouth back to mine and kissed me again, and moved his hips in rhythm with mine, I was sure I was about to forget even my name.

    A tug started deep in my chest. I mistook it as just another side of my lust and didn’t pay any attention to it at first, but as I kissed Keeran and his hands ran down my body, the tug increased and took over my entire heart to the point where it was hard to breathe.

    Moon be damned.

    It was the bond. The mating bond. It had clicked into place.

    With Keeran.

    Excerpt from The Wolf Forsaken

    “What is it?” I asked.

    Wyatt let out a long sigh and fixed his hazel eyes on me. “Are you going to make me leave too?”

    My brows curled down. “I …” I didn’t want to lie to him. Yes, I thought about getting here, making sure his wound was healed, and then sending him away. It would be safer for him if he stayed away from me. “It would be the best for you.”

    He took a large step toward me, cutting most of the distance between us, and I felt the heat of his strong body too close to mine. “Please, don’t. I want to stay with you, Farrah.”

    I took a step back, needing some space from him. “Wyatt …”

    “Don’t you get it?” He matched my step, putting himself right in front of me again. “I was alone and lost. I did many things I regret and make me hate myself. I had no purpose in life, no reason to keep going, nothing to fight for.” He reached up and took my hand in his. “Until you came into my life. Since we first met years ago, I’ve been smitten by you.”

    Without warning, Wyatt clasped his free hand around the nape of my neck and pulled me to him. I gasped as he leaned down and pressed his lips over mine.

    For a moment, I was frozen. Then I moved my mouth with his, falling into his arms, into his sweetness, into his touch, into him.

    This. Holy shit, this. This kiss, this moment, this! I had been waiting and daydreaming about this for so long. But no dream could have prepared me for how kissing Wyatt felt, for how his strong body pressed against mine made me feel, for how his big hands held on to me, heating up my skin, scorching my insides. I held on to him, as if my next breath depended on it.

    But …

    No, this wasn’t right.

    I pushed on his chest and broke the kiss. Breathing hard, I took several steps back, putting as much distance from him as I could. “This can’t happen,” I whispered.

    Wyatt clenched his fists. “Why not? And don’t you dare tell me you don’t feel the same for me, because I know you do. You just showed it to me.”

    Damn it. It was time to tell him the truth. “Wyatt, I can’t fall in love with you.”

    He shifted his weight, and I noticed his anger was rising. I knew it wasn’t directed at me, per se, but it still made me wary. “Why? Because I’m not a fae? Because I’m a lone wolf? Because I’ve been lost? Why, tell me why?”

    “Because!” I shouted, getting irritated myself. “Because there’s a damn curse!”

    What is the RITE WORLD?

    The RITE WORLD is a "universe" Juliana created -- it's our own world, in modern times, but with a large, hidden, supernatural society.

    Many of Juliana's series are set in this "universe," and have many cameos.

    Think like Marvel, where many of the superheroes have their own movie series, but you see cameos all the time. Same for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals--it's all the same world, the same "universe," but the stories happened separately, with cameos here and there.

    If you love when the side characters you were rooting for get their own stories, then the RITE WORLD is perfect for you!

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