About the Author


Hi! I'm Juliana Haygert and I'm a writer!
My love for books started when I was a little kid and always had my nose stuck on a book.
When I was 13 years old, one of my teachers assigned a group project to the class: to write a book. There were no guidelines, just a deadline. So I got my four best friends to my house, we brainstormed the idea, and agreed to meet the next day to start writing ...
I started writing as soon as they left, and by the time they came back to my house the next day, I had already written dozens of pages! I made them a chocolate cake so they would be distracted eating while I continued to write! True story!
I wrote the longest book in our grade, and of course, I credited my best friends in the project. Next year, we had the same teacher and she once again gave us the same assignment. This time, the book I wrote was more complicated, with more conflict, and it ended up being double the length of the previous one.
To say I was hooked was an understatement.
By then, I was carrying extra notebooks with me wherever I went, and wrote stories about me and my friends during class--yup, don't do that, kids! ;)
Never once the idea of publishing my books crossed my mind, and during college, I practically stopped writing--but never stopped reading, or to have ideas for new books.
I was 28 when the writing bug bit me again. And two years later, I had my first published book.
Now I have over 60 published books, and sold at least one book in 157 different countries!