Reading Order

I often get questions about the reading order of my books, especially the Rite World ones.

The Everlast, The Fire Heart Chronicles, The Wyth Courts can be read by themselves, no order between the series.

As for the Rite World, you can start this "universe" at any first book in a series (look them below!). Every "book 1" was written to be a great entry into the Rite World, so don't feel like you need to follow this exact order! If you want to start with my latest series and skip the others, do so! However, I'm hoping you enjoy them so much and become super intrigued by all the cameos, you come back for more ;)

Here's the full list (click on the series title to be taken to the series page):



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Rite World: Rite of the Vampire

Steamy paranormal romance, complete

The Vampire Heir (Book 1)*

The Witch Queen (Book 2)

The Immortal Vow (Book 3)

*The Vampire Rise (book at the end of The Vampire Heir)


Rite World: Rite of the Warlock

Steamy paranormal romance, complete

The Warlock Lord (Book 1)

The Wolf Consort (Book 2)

The Crystal Rose (Book 3)


The Vampire Hunt** (exclusive for my newsletter subscribers or see ** below)


Rite World: Blackthorn Hunters Academy

Urban Fantasy, complete

The Demon Kiss (Book 1)*

The Hunter Secret (Book 2)

The Soul Bond (Book 3)

The Shadow Trials (Book 4)

The Infernal Curse (Book 5)

*The Hunter Promise (book at the end of The Demon Kiss)


The Hunter Path**


Rite World: Rite of the Wolf

Steamy paranormal romance, complete

The Wolf Forsaken (Book 1)

The Fae Bound (Book 2)

The Blood Pact (Book 3)


The Light Calling**


The Light Witch** (exclusive in my Facebook group or see ** below)


The Wicked Alliance**


Rite World: Lightgrove Witches

Urban fantasy, complete

The Midnight Test (Book 1)*

The Midnight Spell (Book 2)

The Midnight Flame (Book 3)

The Midnight Secret (Book 4)

*The Haunted Night (Book at the end of The Midnight Test)


Rite World: Vampire Wars

Steamy paranormal romance, complete

The Darkest Vampire (Book 1)*

The Darkest Witch (Book 2)

The Darkest Magic (Book 3)

*The Darkest Trap (book at the end of The Darkest Vampire)


The Shadow Fae**


Rite World: Night Wolves

Steamy paranormal romance, complete

The Night Calling (Book 1)

The Night Burning (Book 2)

The Night Hunting (Book 3)

The Night Rising (Book 4)

*The Night Falling (book at the end of The Night Calling)


The Fae Queen**


The Wild Wolf**


The Vampire Princess**


Snow Hunt 


Rite World: Fallen Angel

Dark Wings (Book 1) 

Light Magic (Book 2)


**ATTENTION: the followings books: The Midnight Fire, The Vampire Hunt, The Hunter Path, The Light Calling, The Light Witch, The Wicked Alliance, The Shadow Fae, The Fae Queen, The Wild Wolf, The Vampire Princess are now compiled in one big book: Rite World Stories!