Frequently Asked Questions


This page answers the most commonly asked question I receive. If you have a question you do not see an answer to, please email juliana@darkwitchpress.com and I'll be happy to answer it!


What is the Rite World?

The RITE WORLD is a "universe" Juliana created -- it's our own world, in modern times, but with a large, hidden, supernatural society.

Many of Juliana's series are set in this "universe," and have many cameos.

Think like Marvel, where many of the superheroes have their own movie series, but you see cameos all the time. Same for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals--it's all the same world, the same "universe," but the stories happened separately, with cameos here and there.

If you love when the side characters you were rooting for get their own stories, then the RITE WORLD is perfect for you!


Where is my book?

If you can’t find the email with your book download in your inbox, here are some tips:

  • Check your spam/junk box.  Sometimes overzealous spam filters get in the way and deliver the email there instead of your inbox.
  • If the email address you used at checkout is different from the email address you normally use, the book may be delivered to the email address you used at checkout (this happens more often than you think!).
  • You can find it on your Bookfunnel Library. The email address you used to purchase the book is your login (might be your Paypal email). https://my.BookFunnel.com
  • If you still don’t see it, email juliana@darkwitchpress.com and I can help you get your download link! 


What is Bookfunnel?

Bookfunnel is a small, independent software company that delivers more than 2 million ebooks every month for self-published authors!

My Bookstore is connected to Bookfunnel. Once you purchase an e-book or audiobook from me, Bookfunnel's system is alerted and it triggers an automatic email that will send you the links to download your e-books and/or audiobooks in less than five minutes! The email comes from help@bookfunnel.com

Bookfunnel also has their own free reading app, and once you purchase an e-book or audiobook from me, you automatically have an account there (though it'll only be activated once you go through the login process). So, even if you can't find the email with the link to download the books, you can go to https://my.BookFunnel.com, follow the directions to login, and you'll see all of your books there. It's like any other reading app, and you can download it for your phone, tablet, Kindle Fire, or read it on your preferred browser. Get the app here: https://getbookfunnel.com/

If you need more help from Bookfunnel, please visit https://bookfunnel.com/help/  


How can I download my e-book?

Shortly after completing your purchase, you will get an email from Bookfunnel (help@bookfunnel.com) with the subject “Here's BOOK TITLE by Juliana Haygert” 

Open the email and click the link to download your copy.

The link will take you to BookFunnel, the book delivery platform.  Once you are at the BookFunnel page, click “Get My Book.” 

Select the type of device on which you would like to read the book and follow the step-by-step instructions for downloading to your specific device. 


Once you download the files, you can open the free Bookfunnel and read there, or you send them to your preferred reading app or e-reader.

If you have a Kindle or Kindle app, you can follow these instructions!

If you have a Kobo e-reader or app, follow these instructions!

If you read on Apple Books, click here (scroll down to see the transfer option)!

If you have a Nook, click here!


How can I download my Audiobooks?

NOTE: The audiobooks purchased through this online store will only work in the BookFunnel app or in your browser.

Shortly after you type in your email address, you will receive an email from Bookfunnel (help@bookfunnel.com) with the subject:

“Here's BOOK TITLE by Juliana Haygert”

Open the email. It will have instructions and a link.

Click the link. It will take you to BookFunnel.



Click “Get My Book.” A dialog box will appear.

- To listen on your device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire Tablet, etc.), go to Step A

- To listen in your web browser, go to Step B.



A) To listen on your device, click “Listen in the BookFunnel App.”

A code will appear. Save that code.

On your device, open the BookFunnel App.

If you do not have the BookFunnel App, you can download it for free

On the screen that appears when you open the BookFunnel app, there will be a box where you will enter the code.

Enter the code, tap “Submit Code,” and enjoy!


B) To listen in your web browser, click “Listen in Your Browser."

It will take you to a page that prompts you to log in to your BookFunnel Library or create an account.

Log in or create your account.



If you have any questions or need help, click the “Need Help” button at the top of the BookFunnel page or email juliana@darkwitchpress.com 


Happy reading!