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The Ultimate Paranormal Romance Bundle -- Paperback

The Ultimate Paranormal Romance Bundle -- Paperback

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**This is the Paperback Version** 


Get 16 Steamy Paranormal Romance novels set in the Rite World for 35% Off !!

Over 300,000 downloads and 3500+ 5-Stars reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!


    The alpha wolf growls. “I’m working on it. Soon, everyone will be free again. And—”

    He stills and looks to the side. I open my mouth to ask him what happened, but then I hear it too.

    Footsteps coming this way.

    With a snarl, the alpha grabs my wrist and rushes toward the fissure in the rock. 

    He pushes me inside and follows. We scoot in as far as we can go, but there isn’t much space.

    In fact, before I can register anything, he and I are in the same place and position from when the mating bond first snapped.

    My breasts squeeze against his hard chest, my fingers splay across his shoulders, his warm skin under my palms. My legs straddle one of his thick thighs, his hands close around my hips, his fingers touching my exposed midriff, and my ass and back dig into the rough rock behind me.

    My face is right at his neck and it’s impossible not to smell his alluring scent—a mix of mint and musk and a hint of sweat. 

    It teases my nostrils and fills my senses. 

    My mate.

    The words come unbound to my mind and warm my body.

    The alpha lifts one of his hands, brushing my hair aside, his fingertips grazing my jaw and neck as he exposes my skin.

    A delicious shiver runs down my spine.

    He looks at me, his breath washing over my face, but we are in the near dark and it’s impossible to read his expression—but I feel the tightness of his body, I hear his labored breath, his fast heartbeat under my hand.

    Holy moon, this is too much.

    The alpha lowers his head toward my neck, and touches his nose to my skin. I suck in a sharp breath and swallow a whimper.

    He inhales deeply, his hands digging into my waist once more.

    “You smell delicious,” he whispers, his voice gruff.

    “Y-you know this is just the mating bond playing with our heads,” I say.

    But when my body feels so alive pressed against his, it’s hard to believe that.

    He grazes his nose over my neck and moves his leg, pressing it against the apex of my thighs.

    I bite down on my lip before a moan escapes my throat.

    He growls in my ear. “Do you think this is playing?”


    Main Tropes:

    • Fated Mates
    • Enemies-to-lovers
    • Forced Proximity
    • Second chance
    • Forbidden Love
    • Tortured Hero
    • Touch her and die
    • Action packed
    • Vampire, Witches, Wolf Shifters, Fae and more!


    What Readers Are Saying:

    ★★★★★ "Another series by Juliana I simply could not put down until I finished!"

    ★★★★★ "Wow! Loads of suspense, intrigue, action and adventure. Really enjoyed reading this series!"  

    ★★★★★ "Haygert's books never disappoint."

    ★★★★★ "This is a great series. It’s a fantastic slow-burn enemies to lovers read that once you pick up you will not be able to put it down."



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