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The Soul Bond Paperback

The Soul Bond Paperback

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A demon hunter seeking to break a curse. A half-demon playing a dangerous game. And a professor that’s the puppet master of them both…

Everyone at Blackthorn Hunter’s Academy has found out about my half-demon blood, and I’ve become the most hated girl in school. I thought pranks were the worst to come—until people started calling for my head. Rey and I have bound souls, but the bond we share has become a curse. He’s refusing my love, and if that weren’t awkward enough, now he’s my teacher. I no longer want my soul tied to Rey’s. And to break the connection between us, we’ll have to perform a ritual that’ll put the whole academy in danger…

I made a deal with Professor Crimson. Get rid of Headmaster Randall, and he’ll spare Erin’s life. It’s a mission that’s proving to be harder—and more dangerous—than I ever imagined. Erin doesn’t understand that we can’t be together. It’s far too dangerous, even though my love still burns for her secretly. Going through with this ritual to break our bond might be a mistake…

Sexy, seductive, and sinful, this is one magic academy novel that’ll leave readers on the edge of their seat. This new adult paranormal romance full of demons and dark magic is just one more amazing installment in Juliana Haygert’s Rite World universe.

Blackthorn Hunters Academy (complete!)
Book 1: The Demon Kiss
Book 2: The Hunter Secret
Book 3: The Soul Bond
Book 4: The Shadow Trials
Book 5: The Infernal Curse


Print Length: 245 pages


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