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The Fae Bound Paperback

The Fae Bound Paperback

Rite World 8: Rite of the Wolf 2

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Main Tropes

  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Fated Mates
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Curses
  • Secret Society
  • Cameos from Rite World Characters


A princess turned reluctant queen. A wolf with nothing left to lose. And an empire that’s about to crumble


Despite my best attempts to escape my cruel fate, they were all in vain. I was forced to marry the fae prince in order to save my mate’s life— Wyatt, the wolf rogue who’s saved me time and time again. The fae need to be set free. Espionage and betrayal run rampant in the faerie court. The prince thinks he’s safe within the walls of his castle. He’s wrong. He forgot about me.


My worst nightmare came true when Farrah became the fae prince’s bride. I have to rescue her from his clutches, but first, I need backup. There are those who are looking to rebel against the fae prince and his armies. If only a contract with a demon and rivalries with witches didn’t make things more complicated. I’ve just discovered this goes beyond Farrah and I. And when everything goes to hell, who knows what’ll be left standing?

Wolves, fae, demons and witches all wage war for power in the next stunning development in Farrah and Wyatt’s romance. Don’t wait! Continue this breathtaking paranormal new adult series today!

Intro into Chapter One

Chapter One

This was supposed to be a party, so why I felt anything but happy?

Seated at the throne that suddenly appeared beside Lark’s at the main hall of the Shade Fortress after our wedding, I watched as the reception raged on. Even though it had been sudden, Lark had found a way to throw a huge party, complete with performers and fireworks.

The fae, all from the shadow court, indulged in the food and drink and dance, most already too drunk to even remember their name. Amid them all, Lark talked to other male fae. He laughed out loud and patted their backs, sometimes moving his arms wide, as if he too was drunk, but I knew better. He had been holding the same damn glass of champagne since the beginning of the party hours ago, and he had barely drunk a single sip so far. He was pretending to be drunk, though I had to admit he did look happy.

The complete opposite of me.

Every now and then, his dark eyes met mine from across the room, and it was all I could do not to flinch in disgust. But I kept it in. I held on his stare with a defiance of my own. Yes, I had married the fae prince, but that didn’t mean I had to like it.

In fact, I despised it.

During the entire party, no one approached me. No one came to talk to me, except for a few servants who offered me food and drink. Still feeling sick about my unknown future, I refused those.

While the fae danced and chatted and drunk, I stayed seated and quiet on the throne, staring at the wall across the room, above everyone’s heads, and counting the seconds.

Finally, when the sun was rising behind the mountain, Lark dropped his champagne flute and walked to me. By now, there only a handful of fae still dancing on the main hall, while most of them had already left, or slept on the floor, too drunk to care.

With an easy smile, Lark halted before me. “Ready to go?”

My stomach twisted in a million knots. No, I wanted to answer him. But I knew better than to tell him that. So when he offered me his arm, I stood from the throne chair and took it. Like a gentleman, he helped down the dais steps, then guided me over the black carpet cutting through the main hall. Outside, his guards waited. Once we walked by them, they counted five steps, then began following us.

I wasn’t overly worried about the wedding night, because it was different for the fae. We had a rule called the Moon Period. The fae couldn’t sleep together for three weeks after a wedding to seal the magical bond between them and wait for the mating bond to snap before trying to conceive a child, since creating a baby fae wasn’t as easy as it was for humans.

Lark confirmed as much when he stopped in front of the closed doors to my chambers, his guards several steps back now.

The prince held both my hands this time. “I never thought much about the Moon Period until now.” He stared into my eyes, the glint in his downright naughty. “But I understand its importance. I want to have many sons with you, Farrah, and I’ll respect the Moon Period.”

Two feelings warred inside me: relief that he wouldn’t touch me tonight, but despair that soon the Moon Period would be over, and then I didn’t know how I would keep him away from me.

What he didn’t know, though, was that I couldn’t give him any sons. Or daughters. Fae could only have children with those they had first been with, and for me that was Wyatt.

Wyatt was my mate and I hadn’t even had the chance to tell him.

Even if I had the chance, would I have told him? There was no reason to make him more worried and sad about our situation. Not knowing he was my mate would help him move on faster.

Lark brought one of my hands to his lips and planted a kiss on my knuckles. “Sleep well, princess.”

With a last lingering glance, he retreated. His guards followed, except for two, who positioned themselves on the hallways, a good way from my door.

Holding my chin high, I entered my chambers. But once I closed the door behind me, I broke down. Angry tears filled my eyes and I grabbed at the white dress, ripping it to pieces.

The tears slipped along with the pieces, scattering across the floor until I could barely see the smooth dark stone underneath. Only once I was free of that, I wiped my tears away and took a deep breath in.

No, I couldn’t break down. Not now, not later. This was my life now and if I broke down now, what would happen to me for the rest of eternity? Because fae lived forever.

And Prince Lark was my husband forever now.

That knowledge, that fact, brought a sharp pain to my chest.

The idea of running away with the medallion fleeted through my mind, but I pushed away. Because running away wouldn’t solve anything; it would only make things worse. But most of all, Lark wasn’t an idiot. He had known I came to him using a medallion. He had taken it from me earlier.

But I had another thing he didn’t know about it. I hurried to the closet, where earlier I had hidden the looking glass under some dresses, hoping no one would find it.

My hands shook as I held the looking glass.

I closed my eyes and willed it to work.

When I looked at it again, the glass had become a canvas swirling with smoke. I held my breath as the smoke cleared and the image took shape.

It was me, sitting in an armchair, wearing a long, blue dress, with a big smile on my face. I opened my arms and someone, a little boy, ran to me. He jumped on my arms and hugged me tight. When he glanced up at me, I could see it. The boy could be young, but he had Wyatt’s hair, Wyatt’s eyes, Wyatt’s smile.

I almost dropped the looking glass.

What did this mean?

Then, the image was gone and the looking glass returned to its normal form.

“What the hell,” I muttered shaking it, as if that would make it work. Usually, the damn thing showed three scenes, not just one.

I put the looking glass back into its hiding place and dragged my feet to the window. The sun was rising, tinting the mountain with orange and yellow light. For a moment, I closed my eyes and let the sun’s warmth kiss my skin. If only life was this easy and kind.

But it wasn’t. I leaned over the window and glanced down. The fortress stretched under my window, with many turrets and sharp points, and beyond it, was the harsh mountain.

From here, no one could resist a fall, not even a fae.

But killing myself wasn’t the answer to this problem. Running away wasn’t either.

Then how could I make my cursed life a little easier to bear? Become a dutiful wife and bow my head to Prince Lark? Not in a million years.

There was only one more solution I could see, one I had no idea how I would accomplish, but … I couldn’t just pretend I was a pretty doll. I couldn’t just sit here and accept my fate.

Somehow, before the Moon Period was over, I was going to kill the prince.

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