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The Blood Pact

The Blood Pact

Rite World 9: Rite of the Wolf 3

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A fae queen that’s tired of running. A wolf shifter looking to fight back. And a king that will bring the magical world to its knees.

Main Tropes

  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Fated Mates
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Curses
  • Secret Society
  • Cameos from Rite World Characters


A fae queen that’s tired of running. A wolf shifter looking to fight back. And a king that will bring the magical world to its knees.


I don’t know where Wyatt and I stand. Yet what I do know is that war is coming—and if I don’t stop it, the supernatural world will never be the same. The Fae King and his armies are spreading across the land. To defeat him, I’ll have to make an alliance with my enemies, the Bonecrown Coven. They’re willing to help me kill the King if I promise myself as a sacrifice for their dark magic afterward. Everything seems bleak, and we’re desperate. This is our last chance to save the magical realm. But I don’t know if Wyatt and I can save each other.


I’ve made mistakes, and I can’t take them back. The worst of my bad decisions cost me my mate—and I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back. But to keep her safe, I’ll have to destroy the demon I made a deal with long ago… and help Farrah bring down the worst villain the supernatural world has ever known. I’m willing to put everything on the line to make sure Farrah comes out of this alive. Even my own life.

The epic last installment in Farrah and Wyatt’s tale, THE BLOOD PACT is a paranormal love story filled with fae, adventure, and forbidden romance. This is an urban fantasy series for the ages!

Intro into Chapter One

Chapter One

I didn’t have to look for them. They came to me.

Not even fifteen minutes after I left Starlight Vale behind, Myra and two other witches stepped in my way. They raised their hands, their magic at their fingertips. With the frost pendant, I didn’t think they could win if we were to battle.

But I wasn’t here to battle.

I lifted my arms above my head. “I won’t fight you.”

Myra cocked an eyebrow at me. I hadn’t seen her in three years, and the last time we had been in the same room, she had been torturing me, preparing me for the sacrifice they wanted.

I hated her almost as much as I hated the Queen of the Bonecrown witches.

She didn’t relax. “Then what are you doing?”

“I’m not going to resist it,” I told her, my voice flat, my face emotionless. “Take me to Corvina. I have a deal for her.”

* * *

Hours later, we arrived at the rocky hill forming the base of a mountain. I paused and looked up, northward. I had come this way before, with Wyatt, Luana, and Keeran. I had brought them here right after they rescued me from these dark witches. Luana and Keeran had gone further, while Wyatt had stayed behind with me, because I was too afraid of the witches.

I wasn’t afraid now.

Myra glanced over her shoulder. “Do I have to go get you?”

I let out a long breath. “No.” I followed her into the Bonecrown territory.

Instantly, the sky darkened some more. Soon, we walked over a smooth white stone path that led up the mountainside, hundreds of bones flanking it.

As we went up the mountain, mist clouded the way.

Half a mile up the mountain, the path opened to a plateau. Dozens of houses stood close together, and behind them, a black castle—not as big as the shadow fae king’s, but still very intimidating.

We strolled through the main road into town, toward the castle. Several witches spied on us from their windows. Some came out and snickered at me, as if I was a disgusting bug that needed to be squashed. Did they all remember me? Did they all want to rip my throat out right now?

Even though the warlocks had been out in the world for three years now, I didn’t see one man among the witches. They were still probably following their old traditions—imprisoning human men and using them as slaves.

In the castle, we walked across a dark foyer and an archway into the main hall—a narrow room with sleek black stone flooring, and at the end, a large throne made entirely of bones.

Corvina, the queen of the Bonecrown witches, was seated on it.

Upon seeing me, a wide smile spread over her lips.

“My oh my, what do we have here?” She stood up, her elegant black dress full around her. Her black hair was pulled down on her back, dark makeup was smeared over her face, and a heavy crown made of bones was on top of her head. “Dear Farrah. When you surrendered to the shadow fae prince, I didn’t think I would see you anymore.” Her thick eyebrows curled down. “But I hear you killed him.”

I raised my chin, showing her I wasn’t the same girl as before. I wasn’t afraid of her. Actually, I was just as powerful as she was. “I did,” I said. “But because of that, the fae king is here on Earth.”

The smile left Corvina’s lips. “That fae king …” Something coursed through her body, almost like a shudder. Was she disgusted by him, or was she afraid? Interesting.

“I came here to make a deal,” I continued.

She stared at me. “A deal? My dear, you just walked into my castle. I can now simply get a hold of you and finally use you for my sacrifice.”

I inhaled, calling on my magic. It was so abundant, I was sure she could feel it from where she stood. “I would like to see you try.”

Her sly smile was back. “My oh my, someone grew up into a fierce woman. I like it.”

“Will you hear me out or not?”

Seeming bored, Corvina waved a hand at me. “Go on.”

“I’m stronger now, and I’m pretty sure I can at least fight my way out of here,” I started. Being stronger was always the problem here. She wanted me for my power. Now that I was even more powerful, she probably wanted me even more. “But I won’t, if you accept my deal. I’ll stay and serve as your sacrifice, willingly, if you help me bring the shadow fae king down first.”

Her dark eyes narrowed. She considered it for a minute. I was sure she didn’t like the idea of having the fae king in the human realm. He was too close for comfort, and he was purely evil. He would soon rage war against not just the fae, but all supernaturals, including witches.

It was in her interest—in all of our interest—to have the fae king gone.

The seconds ticked by, and I fought not to squirm under her intense stare.

“If you don’t agree,” I said, starting to get too uncomfortable about this. “I won’t let you have me. I’ll fight my way out of here, and if I can’t escape, I’ll kill myself so you can’t use me as you intend to.”

Corvina didn’t flinch. For a full minute, she didn’t even move. She just stared at me, as if she could see something I was hiding inside my head.

Then she finally said, “I need time to consider this.”

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