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Rite World: Blackthorn Hunters Academy Audiobooks

Rite World: Blackthorn Hunters Academy Audiobooks

Rite World: Fallen Angel Book 1

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Get all 5 audiobooks in the Rite World: Blackthorn Hunters Academy series, set in the Rite World in this incredible deal!



  • Fated Mates
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Forbidden Love
  • Tortured Hero
  • Royalty
  • Chosen One
  • Good vs Evil
  • Secrets


★★★★★ "The Blackthorn Hunters Academy is a fast paced and thrilling series from start to finish. From the first page it will grab your interest and you will not be able to stop. I love the characters and how they develop. This is a must read!"

★★★★★ "Sometimes you start to read a set of books and you can tell where the story is going. With this set you can't, it kept me guessing which I loved, you get involved with the characters and storyline. I enjoyed all the books!"

★★★★★ "I could not put this series down. Loved the Intertwined story lines and the character development. I highly recommend you will not be disappointed."


Length: 29hrs 22min
Narrators: Candace Joice and Lance Rasmussen 


Main Tropes

  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Morally Grey Hero
  • Unbreakable bond
  • Secret Society
  • Curses
  • Cameos from Rite World Characters


I made a deal with the devil …

What kind of angel doesn’t have her wings, her sword, and her magic? Oh, right … the me kind. These days, I'm practically just another human.

The hurt of not being a true angel is too much, so I come up with a brilliant idea: I summon an evil wish-granting demon and trap him in a witch's circle. The price for his ticket out? My wings and my magic.

But, surprise, the ritual goes haywire and now this devil is bound to me! Furious but shackled by the spell, the demon reluctantly agrees to help me get my wings back, then we figure out how to break the bond, preferably without driving each other crazy.

Remember what they say about best-laid plans? Buckle up because this ride is getting bumpy, and our odd partnership? It's heating up.

DARK WINGS is a scorching paranormal romance set in Juliana Haygert’s enigmatic Rite World, where love defies heaven and hell. Magic and desire collide in this action-packed steamy urban fantasy novel, leaving readers breathless and desperate for more!




Rite World: Fallen Angel

Dark Wings (Book 1)

Light Magic (Book 2)

Fallen Demon (Book 3)

Wicked Angel (Book 4)

Intro into Chapter One

Coming soon!

What is the RITE WORLD?

The RITE WORLD is a "universe" Juliana created -- it's our own world, in modern times, but with a large, hidden, supernatural society.

Many of Juliana's series are set in this "universe," and have many cameos.

Think like Marvel, where many of the superheroes have their own movie series, but you see cameos all the time. Same for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals--it's all the same world, the same "universe," but the stories happened separately, with cameos here and there.

If you love when the side characters you fell in love with get their own stories, then the RITE WORLD is perfect for you!

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