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Light Magic Paperback

Light Magic Paperback

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I’m better alone than deceived …

In my wild pursuit of redemption, I struck a sketchy deal with a demon to get back my celestial wings. Surprise, surprise – I got played, ended up hurt and alone.

Now, I'm trying to snatch back my lost magic, untangle the mysteries surrounding Elysium, and scrub my name clean.

However, thanks to a fat bounty on my head, every stroll outside turns into a showdown with supernatural freelancers hungry for the jackpot. After a brutal brawl left me broken, I reluctantly called on a witch with healing mojo. And guess who shows up? Her brother, the two-faced demon who betrayed me not too long ago.

Plot twist: he's still bound to me, thanks to some unbreakable spell.

Fueled by equal parts rage and necessity, I'm flipping the script, hell-bent on breaking the annoying bond, reclaiming my magic, and taking down not just the backstabbing demon but also every threat aiming to wreck my world. 

LIGHT MAGIC is a sizzling paranormal romance, set in Juliana Haygert’s kick-ass Rite World. This spellbinding urban fantasy promises a riveting blend of magic and suspense, leaving readers yearning for more.


Rite World: Fallen Angel
Dark Wings (Book 1)
Light Magic (Book 2)
Fallen Demon (Book 3)
Cursed Angel (Book 4)


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